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Graduate to a Higher Quality Portable Plastic Barricade

Discover the Next Generation Plastic Barricade

For several decades, colleges and universities have been utilizing plastic crowd control barricades for their event management and crowd control needs. The lightweight design and vibrant color options make these barriers an attractive alternative to heavy steel models.

However, the drawbacks have always been in the durability and manufacturing of these barricades. This is why we are excited to introduce our new LineEx Link Barricades. LineEx Link Barricades are the first plastic barricade that combines the portability and visual appeal of previous models with the durability of a steel barricade.

These plastic crowd control barricades are ideal for use at colleges and universities due to their portability and quick deployment. With more stock color options than the competitors, you can match your school color and blend the barriers right into your decor. 

LineEx Link Barricades also have several display and advertising options to showcase the name and logo of your university or the facility your event is being held at. These display areas also work great for displaying directions and instructions or safety warnings for your patrons. 

Start Using Superior Crowd Control Barricades at Your College

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