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OTW 48X40 Rapid Deployment Traffic and Safety Barricade

Off The Wall Safety Plastic Barriers and Traffic Control Devices

48″H x 24″W x 48″L Rapid Deployment Plastic Barricade



Highly Durable Rapid Deployment Plastic Safety Barricade

Height: 48″ / 121.9 cm
Length: 40″ / 101.6 cm
Width: 24″ / 597 cm
Weight: 50 lbs. (EMPTY) / 760 lbs. (WATER FILLED)

Rapidly deployable traffic / security barricade. Enhances security and safety in less time than constructing sandbag structures or moving concrete road barriers. Weighing only 50 pounds, the barricade can be installed manually by one person, and once positioned can be filled with over 900 pounds with water. Compatible with lights, stanchions, signage, and snow fencing.

Major Benefits:

  • Forms interlocking wall with up to 15 degree’s radius
  • Due to their visiblity and imposing nature, drivers respect these devices.
  • Positive delineation. Widely spaced folding barricades, drums, and cones are often confusing. The RMB 48×40 provides visual delineation by forming a wall, thus greatly diminishing confusion for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Barricade’s are sfatey stabilized when filled with water and stand up to bad weather or careless driving, clearly delineating work zones.
  • The addition of lights and reflective sheeting make for a safe work zone at night.
  • Meets MUTCD specification 6f.66 for Logitudinal Channelizing Devices.
  • Meets NCHRP-350 requirements for Type 3 Devices at TL3

48X40 Barricades Can Be Used for Several Applications – INCLUDING:

OTW Safety RMB48X40 Plastic Barricades with Optional Flags in Use at a Airplane Hangar
Plastic Rapid Deployment Barricades from OTW Safety are Ideal for Military Applications
RMB Rapid Deploy Barricades for Off the Wall Safety in Use at a Government Building


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